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The Wythenshawe Hospital Transplant Fund (known as New Start) is a charity set up to provide financial assistance to the heart and lung transplantation programme and future clinical developments in heart and lung surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital.

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Wythenshawe Hospital is situated in South Manchester and provides the transplant service to the whole of the North West of England -a catchment area of over six million.

Since its formation in 1986, New Start has raised over £8.5 million and our major capital projects include:

  • Providing funding for nearly 50 transplants in the first 2 years.
  • Assisting the Wythenshawe Transplant Unit in performing nearly 750 transplants since 1987.
  • Building the Jim Quick Transplant Ward  at a cost of £1.9 million.
  • Contributing £1.5 million towards the cost of building the Transplant Centre.
  • Building 4 bungalows to accommodate transplant patients and their relatives prior to returning home.


  • Building and equipping the Transplant Research Laboratory
  • Purchasing the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Scanner at a cost of £1 million.
  • Assisting in  kick starting to the development of temporary assist devices (Ventricular Assisted Devices -VAD’S) at Wythenshawe by contributing £110k towards the programme*
  • Funding £90k towards a pioneering technique technique for lung transplants, the Ex-Vivo Lung Assessment    Technique**
  • £60k for the purchase of 2 new ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machines***
  • £80K for the Refurbishment of the Bunglaows
  • £65K for New Biopsy Lab equipment

*VADS which are effectively artificial hearts, are used to provide temporary short term mechanical heart support to very sick patients both pre and post transplant and this support has saved lives.

**The Ex-Vivo technique allows surgeons to evaluate and recondition borderline donor lungs outside the body, thus enabling them to use such lungs for a transplant that otherwise would have been rejected.

***ECMO is used when a patient has a serious condition which prevents the lungs or heart from working normally. An ECMO machine is very similar to the heart and lung machine used during open-heart surgery. It is a supportive measure that uses an artificial lung (the membrane) to oxygenate the blood outside the body (extracorporeal).

The funding of all these specialist transplant facilities would not have been possible without the fantastic generosity, hard work and enthusiasm of all our dedicated supporters. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years and to all those who continue to work so hard for the charity.

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Whilst the NHS provides substantial funds for the transplant unit there is always a demand for funding to support pioneering treatments and research which the NHS is unable to fund. In the section Patient Benefits on this website, we describe a variety of these projects that we have funded for the direct benefit if patients.