London Marathon Triumph

Claire Atherton ran the London marathon last weekend for New Start and has raised over £2K

Claire’s reason for raising the money is as follows:

In 2005 my Dad received a life saving double lung transplant at Wythenshawe Hospital, and we were lucky enough to have another 6 years together as a family.

Being ill enough for organ transplantation to be your only hope is a desperate and often daunting position to be in for both that person and their family and friends. The care and support we received from everyone we came across as we travelled this emotional rollercoaster of a journey was immeasurable.

From Dad initially being placed on the waiting list and the false alarms, to the operation going ahead in the nick of time, the lengthy recovery and numerous hospital visits in the subsequent months and years, we were met time and again with friendly faces and positivity.


A big THANK YOU  Claire from all of us here

the Transplant unit Wythenshawe Hospital Southmoor Rd Manchester M23 9LT