Team Greenbank

Greenbank Preparatory School proved they had a heart when they raised a record £8435.49 for the Charity to support one of their nearest and dearest.

Dad Mark Aizlewood, the husband of the Cheadle independent primary school’s Learning Support Coordinator Lyndsey, received a life changing new heart last July. Since then his life has returned to normal: “It’s fantastic. I contracted restrictive cardiomyopathy 10 years ago and the condition has been getting progressively worse. It got to the stage where I simply went into work, came back, had tea and went to bed just so I could have enough energy to get back into work in the morning. But now life is back to what it was 10 years ago. Even little things like bending down to play with son George, but I walk run, swim, cycle everything. It’s like having my life back and I am just delighted and thankful the Greenbank community has recognised what we as a family have been through and decided to support this wonderful charity.”

Greenbank Headmistress Janet Lowe said: “The school community has come together like never before to raise a record sum in our charities week. We had mufti days, filled smartie tubes with coins, had cake sales, sponsored walks, sponsored silences, sponsored runs, sponsored keep fit sessions, you name it we’ve been sponsoring it and all because of Mark and Lyndsey.”

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