Artificial Hearts

Artificial HeartsThe main problem with heart transplants is the shortage of donors and the difficulty of finding donors when they are most needed. Regretfully, a sizeable number of patients die before a suitable heart becomes available or they become unstable very quickly. With the support of the Charity, Mr Nizar Yonan (Director of Transplants) along with a fully trained team of surgeons, physicians, technicians and nurses has been able to offer this life saving facility to patients at the Transplant Unit in Wythenshawe Hospital for the past twelve months. The early results have been very successful gaining vital life-saving time for a number of patients. The artificial hearts have also been used post transplant with certain patients requiring additional support for their transplanted heart with outstanding success. This has given the Unit the opportunity to provide essential data to the Health Service for which the government will provide future funding to develop the programme to the benefit of more patients.

the Transplant unit Wythenshawe Hospital Southmoor Rd Manchester M23 9LT